Grenton Smart Home and Photovoltaics by Hymon

Press Release: Grenton Smart Home and Photovoltaics by Hymon – a smart combination to make use of 100 per cent of free energy.

Grenton, a leading smart home system manufacturer in Poland, and Hymon, a major supplier of photovoltaic systems with Robert Lewandowski as a new shareholder, have announced the start of cooperation. For both entities, it is another partnership that gives them an opportunity for mutual promotion of complementary products. From now on, clients of the companies can opt for a photovoltaic installation and additionally integrate it with a smart home system. 

Thanks to this combination, the electricity generated by solar panels can not only be used much more effectively, but it can also be stored. By means of automation as well as monitoring of electricity consumption and analysis of production schedules, one can consciously – and in a “smart” way – optimise its use.

“All clients who have decided to install photovoltaic panels get free solar power and enjoy the savings. However, everyone would like to be able to use 100 per cent of this power, even at peak production times. Thanks to the synergy of PV panels with a smart home installation, it becomes possible”, says Jacek Strzesak, President of the Board and co-founder of Hymon.

“Integration with the Grenton Smart Home System gives the opportunity to redirect surplus energy, e.g. in order to heat rooms with air conditioners, heating mats or the electric heaters in panels or radiators. In doing so, we minimise the consumption of solid or liquid fuels, and we take care of the environment and our wallets”, explains President Strzesak.

The smart home system also means benefits brought by intelligent use of electrical energy and planning of its consumption.

“Monitoring of electricity consumption is one of the basic functionalities of the Grenton Smart Home System”, says Marek Polit, Sales Director at Grenton. “It is thanks to automation that we are able to turn off unnecessary electrical loads in rooms where nobody is present, switch off the light in the whole house when going out, and define special power consumption profiles while we are away, e.g. on holiday. In addition, we can consciously plan electricity consumption depending on the weather forecast – e.g. if a sunny day is forecast, we can allow a greater discharge of the battery that stores electricity from the photovoltaic panels. It is already an obvious thing – although done comfortably only with the smart home system – to start washing machines, dishwashers or dryers when there are cheaper energy tariff periods or at times of increased energy production by photovoltaic panels”,  he adds.

Interested clients of both companies will be referred to specialists responsible for system integration; it is just enough to contact an Authorised Grenton Dealer or a Hymon representative. Contact details can be found on the partners’ websites: and